The ALL NEW uShare Photo Station

Looking to impress your guests and create more interaction at your event?  Want to have something that they have never seen before?  Give them photos to take home and let them help capture the night’s memories using our most exciting new offering: the uShare Photo Station.  Let your guests play photographer (using their own phones!) and print their own photos to help make your event completely unforgettable.

One of the biggest event trends in recent years has been the use of social media platforms to document the day through an event hashtag.  First, create a unique hashtag for your event.  The uShare Photo Station scans Instagram and Twitter for photos using your hashtag and makes them available at the station.  What if some of your guests don’t have social media?  Not a problem!  Your guests can also send their photos by text message.

We will help create a custom frame template background for your guests to print their photos so they will always have something to remember your event by.  A TV at the photo station will also be playing a slideshow of the photos so you can see all the action going on!  We also provide all the photos to the client afterwards so you can keep the memories you and your guests create forever.

For a unique and interactive photo experience to get everyone involved, get the uShare Photo Station for your event!

***Clients must ensure that we have access to reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi at the event venue to use the uShare Photo Station.  The station requires constant internet connection to search for photos.

See What the Excitement is All About!

Harness the Power of the #hashtag

Create a unique hashtag for your event.  The uShare will scan photos posted to Instagram and Twitter throughout the day and make them available for viewing and printing.  No social?  No problem!  Guests can text us their photos as well!

Catch All the Event Highlights at the uShare

Visit the photo station to not only print your photos, but see what others are posting to social media and sending in!  It is a one stop place to see all the greatest moments from your event.  We will also provide all the photos to you afterwards so you can keep the memories forever!

uShare Photo Station – A Brand New Interactive Photo Experience