Premium Lighting


Uplighting is our fastest growing option to add to your special event.  Uplighting, or the placing of par cans around your venue room, is a unique way to create a breathtaking and elegant atmosphere that is sure to impress your guests.

While effect lighting is included for the dance floor for all events, uplighting will add an additional touch to transform your room into an environment that you won’t soon forget.  These lights are LED, and can be adjusted to your desired brightness.  They are small and streamlined, so they will go unnoticed and not take up space or provide a tripping hazard for your guests.  Mixtures of red, green, blue, amber, and white LED lights create virtually any color combination that most other fixtures available can not obtain.  They may be placed anywhere around the room as you wish, and any amount of them may be chosen for your package.  We also have wireless fixtures as a part of our inventory of lights to achieve that perfect look, even in places where power may not be readily available.

When deciding on the final touches for your special event, uplighting can create a lasting impression.

Custom Monogram Light

Looking for something breathtaking, custom, and unique?  Monogram lighting can achieve all of that.  We will help customize a design to your tastes which may include names, event dates, or other images.  The monogram can be projected onto a wall, the dance floor, or other place of your choosing.  This highly customized and affordable option will make a lasting impression and makes for a great add-on with our uplighting package.

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