Jason Seeberger

Hi there!  Thanks for stopping by Upstate Sounds. Let me take a few minutes and tell you a bit about myself!  Since I was a child, I have loved music.  I mean, I LOVED MUSIC!  I would have music playing in the background all the time and still do.  Playing with friends, doing homework, and sitting poolside.  To this day I still have my soundtrack playing when cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, or hanging with friends!  MUSIC is the soundtrack to life.  I love how certain songs can make you remember the best of times and bring that moment back to life – even years down the road!

I grew up in East Greenbush and still live there with my wife Lisa and two amazing kids, Tyler and Madysen!  Lisa and I met back in 2000 while dating in high school and working together at the Big Kmart!  She is the driving force behind getting me to go out and face my fears of DJing and being a business owner.  Lisa has been in my corner since day 1 and is always caring for the kids and making sure they get to their events when I am working, spinning tunes!

I love sports and coaching youth sports. There is something about being part of a team and helping young kids develop a love for the game that keeps me at the ball fields.  If I am not throwing batting practice to Tyler or shooting hoops with Madysen you can find me watching the Packers or Mets play!

We love to travel and take vacations to the beach, watch funniest home videos, laugh, and have dance parties in the kitchen!  My family is everything and DJing has provided us to do many fun and memorable things together.

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What is your favorite part about being a DJ:

I absolutely love meeting new people and getting to spend that special day, party, or wedding with them.  I consider myself a guest at these events and I love when people are packed on the dance floor, dancing, smiling, laughing.

How would you describe your style:

I would describe my style as flexible.  I love all music, all people, all events!  I won’t take over the evening with never ending microphone usage – and I wont make people dance who clearly don’t want to.  I am flexible and can adjust to a crowd and pride myself on being able to keep a party going.

What is your favorite music to play:

I LOVE ALL MUSIC!   Whatever music will keep the dancefloor rocking is what I will be playing.  If I am sitting by a campfire or hanging with friends, I will usually have 90’s tunes or country music playing.  Sporting events or trying to be that cool Dad – I typically let my son put on his playlist!  If I am dancing with my daughter, she has total control of the setlist!   If you see me dancing stopped at a red light I am sure to be jamming’ out to DMB!

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